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Coláiste Rís Vision of Guidance Counselling

Coláiste Rís C.B.S. Mission Statement
Coáiste Ris C.B.S. is a Catholic Secondary School committed to the development of the whole person and offering equal opportunities to all to achieve their full potential in a familial Christian environment. It is a member of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST). The school endeavours to follow the charter of the ERST board into all areas of school life, including individual guidance sessions/ guidance lessons and the whole school guidance approach. The school aspires to an education based on high ideals and a broad curriculum, which will allow out students to confidently play their role in society. It aims to recognise the potential of every unique student and support them to develop to their own full potential.  

The Guidance Department envisions to uphold the ERST charter principles:

·         Nurturing faith, Christian spirituality and Gospel-based values;
·         Promoting partnership;
·         Excelling in teaching and learning;
·         Creating a caring school community;
·         Inspiring transformational leadership.

 Aim of the Guidance and Counselling Service

The overall aim of the guidance and counselling service is to empower each student to engage effectively and fully with his/ her life in all its complexity. To manage effectively whatever challenges they meet and to make decisions from secure knowledge. By applying personal skills, it is envisioned students make successful transitional decisions. Coláiste Rís provides three areas of guidance to the student population:
1.      Vocational
2.      Educational
3.      Personal
The service seeks to implement the holistic vision of the guidance and counselling service as presented in the NCGE’s publication “Planning the School’s Guidance Programme” (NCGE 2004) and NCGE “A Whole School Guidance Framework” (2017), Institute Of Guidance Counsellors “Guidance Counselling: Core Competencies & Professional Practice” (2016) and the DES Inspectorate’s “Guidelines for Second Level Schools on the Implications of Section 9 (c) of the Education Act 1998, relating to students’ access to appropriate guidance.” (DES, 2005).
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