School Rules

Students are required to :

(a) Show respect for oneself and others: This is a rule of the school because having respect for oneself and others promotes a respectful, caring atmosphere where the rights of all students and teachers are upheld. 

(b) Show respect for school property: This is a rule of our school because defacing/damaging school property is destructive and shows a lack of respect for the school community of which the student is a member. Students may be required to pay for any damage or theft of school property. 

Damage to property/belongings of a teacher by student(s) inside or outside school will result in the immediate suspension of the student(s) pending a meeting of the Board of Management which may result in expulsion.

(c) Move quietly around the school in an orderly manner: This is a rule of our school for the health and safety of students and staff and so that the business of teaching and learning can take place without unnecessary disturbances.

(d) Listen to messages given and do as required: This is a rule of our school so that instructions given to assist the smooth running of our school are carried out in the interest of all.