After School Study

Coláiste Rís offers study after school to all students, providing a supervised, distraction-free environment, enabling students to maximise their learning.


All students in the school have the options to enrol. A selection can be made (once available) on the Compass app to “opt-in” to the event invitation. You must accept the invitation before payment.

Payment and Fees

Due to limited numbers, payment should be made as soon as it is available. The price per term is posted on the Compass news feed, as it varies with the amount of weeks per term. The fee is the same regardless of the amount of days / sessions students avail of. Payment can only be made via the app. In the case of families with more than one student participating in study, please speak to Mr. Moloney in U10.

Further Details

Supervision is provided in the school’s study hall by Coláiste Rís teachers. Study runs for 2 hours after school, Monday to Thursday, from 4pm (1.30 pm on Wednesdays). Each session will last for 50 minutes followed by a 10 minute break. Based on demand, and in the run up to exams, study is normally extended to 3 hours and this information is announced in advance on Compass.

If a student has prior engagements (e.g. grinds, training, etc.), or chooses to avail of 1 or 2 hours only, a note from home can be provided to the supervisor at the start of the term that will suffice for all absences / early exits. Students arriving late cause disturbances and interruption to those studying and they will only be accepted with a note from parent / guardian, except when involved in school activities. Notes can be written into the school diary.


The following is posted on the walls of the study hall as a reminder to all participating in after school study.

Students must be seated at their desks once study starts, with all necessary books and equipment required. Currently all students must vacate the study hall at break times to allow for ventilation.

  • No access to lockers during study, except at breaks times.
  • No use of phones for any purpose, whether educational or not, including as a substitute to calculators, exam papers etc.
  • No use of music devices, including headphones, airpods etc.
  • The use of other electronic devices, e.g. tablets, laptops, chromebooks, is not permitted unless specific permission has been given by the supervisor.
  • No group work. Students are expected to have their own materials and be able to work on their own, without disturbing those around them.
  • No eating and no drinks (other than water). Snacks can be eaten at breaks.
  • Full uniform must be worn, and behaviour should match that of a classroom.   

The rules of after school study are in addition to all other rules of the school.

Failure to abide by the above rules will be dealt with as follows:

  • First instance: A warning will be given
  • Second instance: Ban from after school study for one week
  • Third instance: Ban from after school study for remainder of term or year (at the discretion of the school), loss of place in study, along with the possibility of fees not being refunded.

Misbehaviour or failure to abide by the rules will also be dealt with according to the school’s behaviour policy.

Revision Date: Sept. ‘22