CAO and Modules Video

Dear Senior level students/ parents/ guardians,

I hope you are keeping well and safe. It is great to hear that many of you are registering for virtual open days and spending roughly 20 minutes each evening researching courses and colleges on careers portal. This gradually research helps add options onto your college lists and understand the content of the courses that you will study. Below I have attached two videos.
The first one refreshes you on the CAO application process and important dates. The second one shows you how to become aware of the course content or better known as ‘modules’ in college terms.

Remember, in life there will always be modules to a course that will be less exciting and appealing to other ones. The rule of thumb would be that nearly 80% of the course modules would be green, meaning that you would be willing to learn this material and find it manageable. The remainder 20% may be topics of less interest or a bit more challenging to learn however, giving time and patience you will try your best to pass them.
The old phrase ‘without challenge, there is no change’ comes to mind. Times of your future studies may be difficult but keeping a positive attitude, routine and strong work ethic should help you pass them.

Have a look at the videos to refresh your understanding and help clarify choices.

Kind regards,
Mr. Mc Nicholas.