CAO Booklets and Information

Dear Students/ Parents / Guardians,
I hope that you are keeping well and safe. Speaking to students this week they found the open days for DKIT extremely beneficial for their research. Please, continue to register for these open days to help decide your options for the future.
Also to make you aware, sixth year students were delivered their CAO booklet last Wednesday in class. This booklet has two parts- the white pages at the beginning inform you how to set up an account and mention other issues such as language exemptions, DARE/ HEAR, deferrals etc. The yellow pages of the booklet have the colleges/ universities and the courses provided at them. Please, read the booklet fully to familiarise yourself with the process, dates, fees and deadlines. This may take some time but is very important.
Below is a link to short video explaining the CAO to support your application. Furthermore, there will be a presentation soon online that I will give to help you understand the process. Until then keep calm, research frequently via Careers Portal, Virtual Open Days etc.

Kind regards,
Mr. Mc Nicholas