Covid-19 Policy

In light of the current COVID 19 pandemic, appendix 1 entitled Health & Safety Control of COVID 19 Policy for students has been added and is considered to be part of the Coláiste Rís Code of Behaviour policy. This will remain the case until guidelines from the HSE, the Health and Safety Authority & the Department of Education and skills change. Parents please take the time to read this important to the code of behavior and ensure that your son/ daughter are aware of it. The students have been informed of the Addendum to the Code of Behaviour in particular the rules on social distancing and the wearing of masks.
Where students cannot maintain 2 meters distance from another student or staff member, THEY MUST WEAR A MASK. This rule applies both inside the school building and in the schoolyard.
Failure by a student to comply with the standards of behaviour expected to help prevent the introduction and spread of COVID – 19 will constitute a breach of the Code of Behaviour of Coláiste Rís and s/he may be subject to sanction up to and including suspension or permanent exclusion.

Health and Safety Control of COVID-19 Policy for students