Incoming First Year Students 2021

We are delighted to welcome all of our incoming first years to our school and we look forward to meeting you all at the start of the next academic year.

We have had to do things very differently this year as a result of covid restrictions. Normally we would have had an opportunity to meet with you all and get to know you a little bit before you join the school. This we are reaching out to you electronically. On this page we have put together important information for starting school at Coláiste Rís. There are 3 documents attached below which you should take time with your family to read through and try to digest all the information. After the Summer, we will off course go over this information again when we meet.

Below there is a link which you MUST click on and it will bring you to a questionnaire where you will be asked to provide important data that we need for our school Management Information System and Important choices that need to be made about Subjects.

The Information with regards to subjects is explained in the Info Pack below. We ask 1 parent/ guardian Complete the questionnaire once only (do not send in the form more than once) and submit the form before Tuesday 27th of April (Next Tuesday).

Our assessment tests are happening at present under current government restrictions so we will be conducting the assessment tests when you start school after the Summer. This date is yet to be confirmed.

Again we look forward to meeting you all. If there are any queries with regards to the questionnaire please email:

Noilin Ni Dhulaing


Information Documents: