Rotary Club Dundalk Writing Competition

Dear Students/ Parents/ Guardians,

Please find attached an exciting competition organised by the Rotary club. This is a worthwhile exercise for your wellbeing and excellent for your CV if you proceed in the competition. Details below from organiser

Dundalk Rotary are participating in The Rotary Young Writers Competition for 2021. Hopefully given the success we have had in the past with Rotary Youth Leadership Competition in your school and the current situation with social distancing and the lack of face to face contact, this is an ideal competition for the School to get involved in as it does not involve much, if any physical contact.

As the Rotary Dundalk Young Writer coordinator, I now include information regarding this competition.

We are encouraging as many students as possible in the age range, to submit entries. In doing so, Rotary Ireland remind the students that the written word has a unique and valuable place in society in that its influence exists long after spoken word is forgotten.

The mastery of writing skills, in prose, is therefore very worthwhile and worthy of recognition.

This year’s title is ‘My Happiest Day ’’ and should attract many entries.

Senior Age band – 14 to 17 years old

Entrants must not be above the age parameters for the group on 31 August 2020.

With the age qualifying date of 31st August 2020, it should be noted that some some senior entrants may be 18 at the time of some or all of the stage competitions i.e. a competitor who may be 17 on 31st August, but turns 18 on 1st September is permitted to enter. Competitors must include their age on the 31st August 2020 on the Entry form.

The Age Band is as follows: 14 – 17 years old, as at 31st August 2020.

I attach the 2020-2021 information pack. In it you will find an entry form for entrants. Please ensure that the age limits are strictly adhered to.

Dundalk Rotary club will select one winner per school and each School Winner will go forward to a local final. Then Dundalk Rotary will select one winner for the 14 – 17 age band to go forward to an Overall Ireland Final.

The overall deadlines are set out below:

26th March 2021 Closing Date For Local Entries from each school.

Competition Guidelines


To produce a written or typed story in prose entitled, ‘My Happiest Day’. The written entry could be fiction or non-fiction, prose, or a poem, as long as the piece relates to the theme.

Up to maximum of 550 hundred words for prose entries. Up to a maximum of 40 lines for poetry entries.

No pictures/drawings to be part of the entry.

All entries to be legible. Can be written or typed

Entries should be sent to the Stage organiser by the closing date.

Entries may not be returned unless specifically requested. An Application form must be completed for each individual entry.

Judging Criteria

Judges will consider imagination relative to the subject; the ability to engage interest and to be consistent in the power of argument.

The judges will not enter into any discussion or correspondence regarding their decision; their decision will be final and not subject to any appeal.

IMPORTANT RESTRICTIONS TO NOTE: Please note that entries and supporting information sent electronically MUST NOT EXCEED 15Mb per email sent. Emails over this limit will not be received. Alternative options are to send the nomination and supporting information across several emails or contact Sean O’Hanrahan (087 8367788) Dundalk Rotary, or Stephen Gunne (086 8576203) Dundalk Rotary President, to organise a physical collection of entries.

For further information or any queries, please contact Sean O’Hanrahan on 087 8367788

Kind regards,
Mr. Mc Nicholas.