RTE University Documentary and Links to Course/ Career Research Videos


Dear Senior Cycle Students/ Parents/ Guardians,
In partnership, the Irish Universities Association & RTE commissioned the documentary MY UNI LIFE and over the past year, they have been filming 7 university students, following their personal stories of getting into university through various access and disability schemes (including DARE & HEAR).
The series also documents Covid lockdown, the new academic year and the students hopes and dreams for the future. It’s going to be a great series and a very positive spotlight for the sector!

In “My Uni Life” we meet 7 students at various stages of their university journey who all share one common experience: getting to and through university despite personal challenges. They represent just 7 out of thousands of students each year whose desire for third level education is facilitated and supported by the Access and Disability programmes run by IUA Universities. Their stories are positive and uplifting.
Filmed by New Decade throughout this unprecedented year for Irish universities and the educational system, this series provides a unique and emotional window into the lives of our young, and not-so-young students, as they grapple with remote learning, zoom lectures, exam and course confusion, and the bizarre new-normal of online graduations during a global pandemic.
This five-part documentary series tells the life stories of this diverse range of students and looks at the positives, negatives, challenges, and frustrations on the ground reflecting the living, breathing reality of life for those from under-represented groups. We will witness a year like no other for our class of 2020 as they give us a glimpse of their Uni life.
The first episode will be broadcast tonight Friday, NOV 6TH, on RTE1 at 7.30pm and for the following 4 Fridays.
Also, the following videos are extremely useful to research the careers/ courses listed below:
Here is a 5minute recording to explain the content and purpose of the Career Guidance Webinars for Guidance Counsellors created and hosted by Julie O’Connor:
Careers’ webinars to date are as follows, links outline of speakers, time schedule and details can all be accessed on www.synergycareers.ie/workshops/ with the following recordings available. Each recording has 20-30 minutes of career guidance input from Synergy Careers followed by a minimum of 10 minutes from each guest speakers (including colleges, course directors, relevant service providers and professional working in the area, talking of their career path in the Careers in..Series)
Careers Planning and Research
Preparation for open days video link
Careers in Accountancy and Finance

Careers in Business and Administration

Goal Setting, study skills & exam Technique

Careers in Healthcare

Careers in Science

CAO Application & Hpat

Kind regards,
Mr. Mc Nicholas
Guidance Counsellor