Self Help Booklet during Covid 19

Dear Students/ Parents/ Guardians,

During this difficult time we may find ourselves more stressed and overwhelmed, which is completely normal. It is now more important than ever to look after ourselves and our mental health.
Please find attached below an excellent booklet than helps to explore our feelings and thoughts in a supportive manner. I hope you will find the next school semester more manageable than the last one. Remember, be kind to yourself and others. The booklet covers the following topics,

Planning Your Information Diet
My Spheres of Influence Worksheet
Practical Wisdom for Tolerating Uncertainty
Reducing Anxiety With Thought Challenging
Reducing Anxiety Through Distraction Activities
Starting a Planning Practice
Starting a Daily Gratitude Practice
Starting a Daily Breathing Practice
Improving the Quality of Your Social Connections
Developing a Regular Exercise Routine
Creating Your Stress-Resilience Action Plan
Further Resources

Note, if problems are too overwhelming or seem to be persisting contact your GP for further support/ appropriate referrals.

Kind regards,
Mr. Mc Nicholas.