SUSI Grant- Money for College- Fees and Maintenance

Dear Sixth years/parents/ guardians,

SUSI have announced that they will be open for applications next week, 22nd April so it is important to get yourself organised as early applications will receive priority processing. A few of the basics that you will need to make your application include opening a bank account and having your PPS and exam numbers available. Find out more about what you will need look at the website and video resources below. The priority closing date for new applications is Thursday 8th July. You can check whether you are entitled to receive a grant by using SUSI’s Eligibility Reckoner on the Susi Website (this saves much time).

Link to Susi Website-

Great videos explaining the process:

Classroom Guidance:


SUSI Videos-

Contact SUSI directly if you have any queries or problems during the process, best of luck!

SUSI Support Desk
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (9.00am – 5.30pm), excluding public holidays.

Email: Phone: 0761 08 7874

Susi are also on Facebook and Twitter, follow them to keep up to date.

Kind regards,
Mr. Mc Nicholas
Guidance Counsellor