University and Career Support


Dear Senior Cycle Students/ Parents/ Guardians,

I hope your research for future options is progressing well as we reach the end of our first term. There are a few resources that I would like to make you aware of which may help you on the journey.

Firstly, please subscribe to careers and news guidance letter. It covers an array of topics- PLC options, apprenticeships, DARE/ HEAR, University and I.T. courses etc. Once a week they will e-mail you a list of topics which may support your decision making. Link below:

Secondly, the majority of colleges are organising virtual opens days to help students and parents explore campus and courses. In order, to avail of these services you are required to register for the day on the particular college website. Once this has been complete they will send you a link to participate in the day. I have listed a few on the picture above, for a full comprehensive list check careers portal website and click on the calendar of events tab. Link below:

Finally, there is an additional guidance website newly created this year named Synergy Careers. The creator of this website is an experienced guidance counsellor who has developed a number of talks relating to courses and guidance topics. She records these live on a Monday afternoon however, makes them available for a week after each talk. Initially, the talks are free then after the week, she charges a subscription fee to view them. Please, view her topics and consider viewing the CAO Application & Hpat on November 2, as this will answer many queries. Link below:

I wish you a happy mid term break that is well deserved after a difficult year.
Kindest regards,
Mr. Mc Nicholas