Welcome Back! Stress Management Routine Checklist

Dear Students/ Parents/ Guardians,

Welcome back to school after the Easter break. For some students, this is the first time back to the school since December. It may be strange and worrying to be back after such a long time, this is perfectly normal and it will take a few days to adjust back to a regular routine. Be proud of all the work you achieved at home during the online learning.

We have seven weeks left in school before the summer. Below is a list of activities to help support you back into a healthier routine. You may have developed unproductive habits during the lockdown. The important idea to remember is that you can change these now and give your best effort for the last several weeks of school. Do not be hard on yourself, instead be kind and begin the healthier change from today. I hope the advice helps you with your school studies and overall well being. I have attached a schedule and checklist as a PDF if you wish to print them and place it somewhere prominent in your household- bedroom, kitchen fridge etc. Give it a go!

-No Phone in the morning- charging outside bedroom at night
-Make my own Bed/ Open Curtains
-Shower- freshen Up
-Healthy Breakfast- fruit, porridge, juice, smoothie
-Get to school at least 15mins early- prepare for class, locker, chat
-Healthy snack at break and lunch
-Walk/ cycle/ bus/ car- home
-Snack at home
-Homework and Study/ Revision Work/ Update School Journal/ Pack school bag for next day- correct books copies using school journal as check list
-Dinner/ chores
-Recreational time- walk, run, cycle, meet a friend, sport, attend a club/ society, yoga etc.
-Winding down for Bed- brush teeth, drink water, read a book, soft relaxing music, Headspace App, put away phone in another room to charge it for next day
-Set Digital alarm clock
-Get 8 Hours Sleep- Avoid Digital Screens at for at least 2 hours before sleeping. (TV, mobile, PlayStation/ Xbox, Tablet etc.)

Regretting wasted time is more wasted time.

Kind regards,
Mr. Mc Nicholas.
Guidance Counsellor