School Lotto update


Colaíste Rís Lotto Update  3rd April 2020

We wanted to provide a quick update regarding the status of our lotto and particularly for people making standing order or other regular payments. Our online lotto at has been frozen since 19th March so further payments will not be accepted through this platform. For patrons that have prepaid their lotto for a number of weeks these prepayments will be automatically carried forward on resumption of the lotto. 
For standing orders, unfortunately, we cannot automatically pause these on your behalf you must contact your bank or use online banking to place the standing order on hold and you can resume the payment when the lotto recommences. 
We would add that we are very grateful to our lotto subscribers as these payments are essential to financing of special projects within the school that would not ordinarily be covered or only partially covered by the Department of Education. In the past these projects were large building projects like the new canteen and study room but more recently these have helped fund smaller projects and currently we are enhancing the computer and IT systems in the school. For this reason we would be keen that subscribers who are in a position to continue subscribing to us would do so and we are going to explore a once off draw for that group when we resume activities. However we fully understand these are challenging times for many and you may need to pause your subscription at this time by contacting your bank  as described above.  


The Lotto Committee