FAO: 1st Year’s only- Subject choices at the end of 1st year


Dear Parents/ Guardians of 1st-year student’s,
We hope you are all safe and well in your homes during this unusual time. At the end of each first year, we ask the students to choose subjects to progress into 2nd year. All students will study the core subjects of English, Maths, Irish (unless exempt), Religious Education & Wellbeing (which includes SPHE, PE etc.). In addition to these core areas of study, ALL students must choose 5 subjects from a list of 12. Details of these choices are attached to this notification below, please read very carefully, especially the points to note on certain subject choices. It is important that you discuss these choices carefully and understand the possible ramifications of these choices going into the Leaving Certificate and University. An Application form will be sent to the students’ school email accounts @colaisteris.ie. This is an online form that is filled in on a laptop or device. If for some reason you cannot access the form please email news@colaisteris.ie or read the accompanying information about accessing your school account. Applications must be completed before April 20th.



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  1. […] Just a quick reminder that subject choices for 1st Year students are due this coming Monday, April 20th. We posted details on this before Easter. Online forms have been sent out on the school email system. If you have any problems with accessing the form please email news@colaisteris.ie Details about these choices can be found on our website here: http://colaisteris.ie/fao-1st-years-only-subject-choices-at-the-end-of-1st-year/ […]